Payroll Services

Payroll Services
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What Questions Should I ask to Evaluate My Payroll Provider?

​Payroll is one of the most demanding aspects of your business; make sure that you educate yourself on your payroll company’s practices and stay informed.

You may never find out unless you ask the questions yourself. Don’t sacrifice the profitability of your business; ask your provider these important questions. Your business is worth it!

How Can I Submit My Payroll?

Dr. Friday offers multiple ways to submit your payroll details including by phone, fax, or email. Which method works best for you? Just speak with our payroll specialist for more information on submitting your payroll numbers.

How Will You Handle My Company’s Payroll Tax Filing?

Our professionals stay up-to-date and are fully compliant with the latest tax laws and regulations. Never miss another tax deadline or pay another late fee again. Find out more on Dr. Friday payroll tax services.

At Dr. Friday Tax and Financial Firm, Inc., we are committed to providing top quality payroll services and offering a personalized approach to your specific needs. To get started, call us today.