Dr. Friday Tax and Financial Firm, Inc. is where small and medium sized businesses outsource their financial needs.

Dr. Friday Tax and Financial Firm is where small and medium sized businesses outsource their financial needs. The question I’m always asked is, “What is outsourcing?” Outsourcing is hiring an expert who is fast, reliable, affordable, and helps you save on your bookkeeping costs.

How can it help my business?

Less payroll expense and it helps grow your business with no staffing worries and no more wasted time training new staff when it comes to doing your business bookkeeping.

To stop the time-draining tasks and headaches, start outsourcing your financial work to Dr. Friday.

How does Dr. Friday Services work?

Dr. Friday Tax, EA has been a certified QuickBooks Advisor for the past 15 years and has created the $100 a QuickBooks bookkeeping package for small businesses. We can remote directly into your office and take care of all your financial needs.

$300 a month QuickBooks Bookkeeping Package for small businesses.

An online bookkeeper is a dream for business owners. For many businesses these days, much of their business takes place online. This results in electronic receipts including utilities and helps alleviate paperwork and manual payments. Invoicing is also almost entirely electronic as well. And, even physical paperwork can be scanned in and turned into electronic files for an online service to process. The basics are tracking the income and outflow of a business. The bookkeeper ensures detailed entry of each transaction. This helps at tax time, when the business has to prepare a tax return. While personal taxes occur annually, business taxes are generally paid quarterly.

Dr. Friday is on call 24/7 to clients.

You can sign up for a consulting package.

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Dr. Friday Tax and Financial Firm, Inc. provides a full range of services:

We provide assistance in all areas of general bookkeeping, payroll, business tax reporting and financial statements.