Dr. Friday Radio Show – December 10, 2022

The Dr. Friday Radio Show
The Dr. Friday Radio Show
Dr. Friday Radio Show – December 10, 2022

Welcome to another episode of the Dr. Friday Radio Show! In this special Christmas episode, we have tax expert Dr. Friday and electrical contractor, Dr. Electric answer caller’s tax and electrical questions, and talk over the following topics:

and much more!


Announcer 0:01
No, no, no, she’s not a medical doctor, but she can sure cure your tax problems or financial woes. She’s the how-to girl. It’s the Dr. Friday show. If you have a question for Dr. Friday, call her now. 615-737-9986. So here’s your host, financial counselor, and tax consultant, Dr. Friday.

Dr. Friday 0:29
Good day, I’m Dr. Friday and this is our Christmas show. We have Dr. Electric still on here. So I want to go quickly because Trey was the winner of the $50 Olive Garden/Longhorn or other things Tray. Thanks for holding through that switch of shows. We appreciate you listening. So they’ve got your information. So thank you again and Merry Christmas.

Caller 0:55
Merry Christmas to you.

Dr. Friday 0:58
All right. So, we’ve got an electrical question from Sherry. Sherry, why don’t you go ahead and come on first. Hey, Sherry. You got a question for Dr. Electric?

Caller 1:14
I do. A couple of quick things. All right. So the first question is, my husband and I are in charge of basically the maintenance type stuff at the church building where we attend. And we have an exterior outlet, a exterior light, and then an interior light and a little airlock type room before you go into the fellowship hall that has suddenly stopped working. There’s no breaker tripped or anything obvious going on. So I was wondering if you might have any ideas as to what we might be looking at there.

Dr. Electric 1:53
If you don’t see a breaker trip at all, and sometimes just reset them to be safe, but look for the closest thing working next to it. Sometimes it’s like dot to dots. A wire, you know, you might have three things not working. But one of the hallways right there might be working, the wire could have came off of it what feeds. Like if you picture in your mind, five plugs in a row and a wire goes from one to two to three to four to five and number. The wire comes up at number two, one and two will work but three, four or five won’t. So that’s how we’ll check. We’ll we’ll pull out a couple of things.

Dr. Friday 2:35
He’s still talking even when we can’t hear him Sherry. Okay, well, I think he’s basically trying to say to a Sherry is that you need to figure out where the last one’s working. And then open up that one and find out if something might be disconnected inside the plug. I’m guessing, I’m not an electrical person.

Dr. Friday 2:56
Yeah, we can hear you. But then you went out now we can hear you again.

Dr. Electric 3:00
I’m in the Ozarks. Look for the nearest thing working.

Dr. Friday 3:06
Okay. That can be inside and outside? or just most likely, wires run inside.

Caller 3:16
Nothing else outside right there. The next closest thing would be an outlet that’s just inside the door.

Dr. Friday 3:23
Okay, so what would it be possible for the indoor outlet to be the same for the outside?

Dr. Electric 3:28
Yeah, the same circuit? It’s just a circuit like, no problem.

Dr. Friday 3:32
All right. Well, there’s little Resetti things that we have in our houses. Well, they called, Joe? You know, like the plug to push.

Caller 3:41
Yeah, we don’t have any GFIs in that part of the building.

Dr. Friday 3:47
Well, there you go Sherry. That’s the best we can help you with.

Caller 3:50
Okay, and then the question is you have time is, we’ve recently built a new garage. And we need to get power from the house to the to the garage. The issue that we’re looking at is the garage is about 80 feet from the electric pole, where the meter and everything is, and the septic lines and all are in between, like halfway in between where the meter is and where the garage is. So are we going to have to run those lines overhead? Or does it matter that the septic is there? How are we going to have to go about that?

Dr. Electric 4:26
No, I mean, you can you just got to be 18 inches deep normally to septic lines will be deeper than that. But you can you can take a trencher and trench it and you can actually if you put a GFI on it, you can raise it up six inches to a foot if we had to. Yeah, you can do it in concrete. There’s other avenues. But yeah, you don’t have to go overhead you can still go underground. Septic lines are usually deeper than 18 inches.

Caller 4:51
Well, it’s actually we’ve got the septic tank there in it, it would be the line going to the tank. And so I’m not sure how deep that is.

Dr. Friday 5:01
That’s like 36. Because we just put one in our house. I mean, a new tank or whatever. And that’s down quite a ways. Right, Joe?

Dr. Electric 5:10
Yeah, yeah. I would just hand dig where you think the line is?

Caller 5:15
Right. Okay. All right. Thanks.

Dr. Friday 5:18
Great. Thanks. All right. Okay, guys, let’s see if we can go ahead and give away a let’s do another $50, dinner and a movie. And while we’re doing that, and you know what? We’ve got Chuck that’s been holding the longest. Let’s hit Chuck.

Dr. Friday 5:30
Chuck, you can win a card. Chuck, you can win a card. If you can answer this question. Hopefully, I’m gonna say it correctly. It’s an electrical question. And it’s like, if you open up a normal electrical, like a yellow wire that they use in our houses, or the white ones, if you open it up, what color are what two colors are usually inside that wire? I think I’ve said that right. So if you know the answer, if nothing else, you might be Googling while you’re asking the question. I know you have a question, but you’ve been holding for over 10 minutes. So I appreciate that, considering it’s crazy. But if you know the answer, you can also win a gift card.

Caller 6:16
Red and green.

Dr. Electric 6:19
Ying and Yang, red and green.

Dr. Friday 6:24
All right. Well, what’s your question? Chuck, maybe we can find a way to give you a gift card.

Caller 6:29
Thank you. My wife receives income through as an in-home caregiver for our own two special needs children through the Michelle P waiver, which is a Medicare program. And I have been told for two years running from my tax accountant and my tax professional that it is not taxable. 100%

Dr. Friday 6:49
100% correct.

Caller 6:51
Wow. Okay. That’s what I get from doubting my tax professional.

Dr. Friday 6:55
There you go. You need to give them a nice handshake because they are correct. Yes, that is completely tax free.

Caller 7:02
That was great to hear. And that was my only question.

Dr. Friday 7:06
All right, well, just so you know, Chuck, if anyone ever asked you what color wires are, I was gonna go with white and black Joe. Is that closer?

Dr. Electric 7:15
Yes. Black and white.

Dr. Friday 7:17
Well, there you go. All right. So thanks a lot for calling, Chuck. Exactly. Alright, so meanwhile, let’s hit Don. And I see that we have a winner here. But let’s hit done real quick. Hey, Don, what do you have for us?

Caller 7:38
Yeah, I have a collection of toys that I’ve collected for 20 odd years. And I’m starting to sell them on eBay. But I do not have receipts for what I paid for them 20 years ago. So starting this year, gonna get a 1099k. So, if I file and just guesstimate what I paid for those cars, most of them for basically would cost $1. They’re Hot Wheel cars. So if I just guesstimate on all of them? Is there a good chance that I’ll be recalled?

Dr. Friday 8:19
I would say honestly, you’re you’re less likely to do an estimate. And you can do a recreation if records are available. But I would definitely try to go back maybe and look and see if it was Google and stuff. What was the Hot Wheels or whatever price back in 1989. I don’t know just to get some sort of feel of what you might have been paying back then. Versus what you’re selling for today.

Dr. Friday 8:44
Because anything and this is where a lot of people sale of goods is a taxable transaction, they put that out in their IRS notice that they’ve sent out back on December 6 for talking about the 1099k. So Don, your best bet would be to put yourself a little inventory together try to come up to the best of your ability, the cost that you would have had or been given if it was gifted to you as a child or whatever, and then use that as your format compared to what you sell it for. And then the difference would be income to you.

Caller 9:19
For the most part they taught they cost 95 cents for 15-20 years.

Dr. Friday 9:25
So that’s I’m assuming with inflation there would have been some different costs. I mean, I can remember buying Penny Candy and I’m pretty sure they don’t have that any longer and I’m in my 50s so I’m just saying you might want to just see you know, there has been so good something where you can have some vision not just an educated guess in your head but maybe something documented that would say what they were running for in the years that you think that you might have collected those. Okay, I know what you’re there. Just to give you some papers.

Dr. Electric 9:55
What do you sell them on now for they cost 95 cents I used to know Hot Wheels. What do they go for now?

Caller 10:00
Well, it all depends. I have got I usually, you know, not usually but I get $10 every once in a while for $1 car and and I’ve gotten upwards I got $18 for two the other day. So I mean it just you know, you just have to look it up, look it up on on eBay sold items and then list and along that same line.

Caller 10:28
I don’t have that kind of time. I just donated to Goodwill and took the whole value of like 50 bucks apiece.

Caller 10:36
So I just I just took 200 to the to the Toys for Tots to give away.

Dr. Friday 10:43
Well, Merry Christmas. And thank you for your question, Don, we appreciate it very much. All right. Let’s get John on the phone because he’s our winner from the dinner and a movie. Let me put that down so I don’t miss Hey, John. Hello, Merry Christmas. Thank you for participating in our show. Dinner and a movie. So when you take it to dinner, it’s a dinner in a movie just gone by yourself?

Caller 11:14
I don’t know. How about McDonald’s?

Dr. Friday 11:17
McDonald’s and a movie. I’m totally teasing, John. No worries on that one. But Merry Christmas. Thank you for calling.

Caller 11:27
Well, thank you so much.

Dr. Friday 11:29
All right. And we’re getting ready to go ahead. Let’s take one more quick question and let’s do line three Charles really quick and then wants to take a break. Hey, Charles. What can I do for you sweetie?

Caller 11:42
I’ll try to make this short. I currently work here in Clarksville, Tennessee for a soda company. We get our product out of Nashville, Tennessee. Okay. So this was this year as I’m talking about, but we got our product out of Nashville, Tennessee. Now through no fault or decision of our own, myself and two others were chosen to start getting product out of Kentucky. With that came Kentucky state city tax that we were not accustomed to paying usually. Now all of our stores and where we work are in Tennessee, but because we’re getting the stuff out of Hopkinsville. What are the tax implications that I mean that I’ll be looking at in the future when I file taxes?

Dr. Friday 12:29
Well, you will file a non resident tax return in the state of Kentucky. So at that point, you’re going to basically be able to get some of it back. It will depend on your income. It’s not a black and white question, unfortunately. I would probably talk to them because all you are is driving picking up products you’re not delivering or living in Kentucky, correct?

Caller 12:50
That’s, I guess part two of my question. My lease is currently up, I am moving into Kentucky this month, I will officially be a resident of law. I am officially a resident of Kentucky this month by my lease. I’ll officially be out to Tennessee come one January.

Dr. Friday 13:10
you’ll still file as a non resident because it was less than six months. But as of January 2023, you will be a full time Kentucky recident and therefore all of your income will report and you’ll file the regular Kentucky income tax just as if you lived in any other state with an income tax.

Caller 13:27
Now, all this started back in July, I believe it was the end of July.

Dr. Friday 13:32
But you still did not live in the state of Kentucky at that time. Until December. Did you move into the state so you are physically a non resident for the year of 2022.

Caller 13:44
Okay, that’s what I was wondering.

Dr. Friday 13:46
And then 2023 you will be a resident because you’ve chose to move there. Which makes sense, I guess for your job. Alrighty, guys, we take a quick break, and we’ll come back. We’re going to we’re going to ask a question. I know this question. There’s a tax question. So the person that can call in. But what was the difference in the Child Tax Credit from 2021 to 2022? What is the difference of the child tax credit from 2021 to 2022 for Children between six and 17?

Dr. Friday 14:19
All right, we’ll take a quick break when we get back we’ll get to those as well as Jay and Rhonda who have been wonderful to hold through. We’ll be right back with the Dr. Electric and Dr. Friday Christmas show.

Dr. Friday 14:46
We are back here live in studio with Joe from Dr. Electric and myself, Dr. Friday, and we have Jay that has been holding for almost 10 minutes and he’s got a question for Joe. So Jay, ask away.

Caller 15:07
Yes, yes, I am. Yeah, call it an earning you a question. I didn’t get a prize. I was hoping to. Maybe I could this time. But anyway, if I can’t. I remember you calling at this time of the year every year.

Dr. Friday 15:37
We love it that you’re one of our regular callers!

Caller 15:42
Thank you. And I think I asked you a similar question. I have an item, or called an [inaudible] that you put in an old spotlight container. Have you used those? Would you recommend them? When you screw the light in there?

Dr. Electric 16:04
Yes, it’s a photo so it’ll turn on in dark and shut off at daytime.

Caller 16:09
Okay, well, I haven’t tried it. Yeah. Someone gave me a couple and I’m anxious to give it a try. So I just wanted to know if you thought that was good.

Dr. Electric 16:20
Did you hear Dr. Friday saying call it just try to call it real fast and just see if you can win something.

Dr. Friday 16:25
Yeah, exactly. Keep listening, we still about eight more cards.

Caller 16:31
We’re getting ready to give away some alcohol here pretty soon.

Dr. Friday 16:42
All right. All right. Let’s get Rhonda on line two. Hey, Rhonda, what do you have for us? Or do you got a question for Joe.

Caller 16:55
Yes, I was I have put in a room I light and it used to be a light and a fan. And I would like to switch it back to being a light and a fan again. Might need to set up some kind of appointment to have that done.

Dr. Electric 17:14
Yeah, it’s easy. Just call during the week many anytime my phone, it comes to me. And we’ll set you up. We usually do you within a day or two at the most. between Christmas and New Year’s. We’re going to be slow that week anyways, but it should take us an hour to put your light pan back in.

Caller 17:31
Okay, that’s not too bad. Hopefully I can afford it. Okay, I have a question for Dr. Friday.

Caller 17:50
Okay, this is another one of those. I think I need to set up an appointment. Yeah, but I’m taking care of three people myself, my mother in law and my stepmom. My mother-in-law gets a VA and social security. So I don’t think she pays taxes.

Dr. Friday 18:12
That’s correct. She would not file tax returns under those two circumstances.

Caller 18:17
Okay. And then my mom, I take care of her. She gets pension from my father. She gets a pension from her old work to get Social Security. And I think that’s it. Anyway, she has a rather complicated, you know,

Dr. Friday 18:36
She would probably have to file taxes.

Caller 18:39
Yeah, I’ve been doing it. But yeah, I don’t really like the people I’m filing with. I’m thinking about switching over to you.

Dr. Friday 18:48
All right, give me a call if you need help with it.

Caller 18:52
Yeah, for myself. I’m, I did a lot of construction work last year, because I was trying to get my house up. So I could take care of my mother in law. She’s in class now. And, you know, I didn’t know if any of that be tax deductible or, or what?

Dr. Friday 19:10
Some of it could fall under medical therefore, like if you put a ramp or you did something like that, but most of it’s going to be an improvement on your property, therefore, it’s not really going to be a I’m guessing most of it was an improvement, therefore, it’s not going to be something that’s a tax deduction, because when you sell the house, you would recoup the investment.

Caller 19:31
Okay, I did put in a ramp so I might hold on to that. Okay. Do I need to call you back during the week?

Dr. Friday 19:39
That would be perfect. Yep. 8-5 Monday through Friday.

Caller 19:43
Okay, all right. Well, thank you so much.

Dr. Friday 19:45
Thanks. All right. So we still have a question out there. Anyone that knows the answer, you get a gift card, $50 Lowe’s card, if you know the difference between 2021 Child Tax Credit and what the 22 22 Child Tax Credit for children six, up to six to 17. So again, I know that might be a little complicated, Joe, I think I may have blown the minds of our listeners because.

Dr. Electric 20:12
It’s one year.

Dr. Friday 20:13
It’s a lot that happened in that one year, just saying that was different.

Dr. Electric 20:17
I thought that was the answer.

Dr. Friday 20:19
No, it’s not. Thank you, Joe. Thank you for proving that the question is obviously, not as simple as I thought it was going to be. All right, let’s get another question for Joe. Line One, Joshua. Go ahead for Joshua. Let’s see if you can stump Joe.

Caller 20:43
Yeah, so my question is I have an old I-T-E EQ low center panel. And I’m trying to work on one of my plugs. And I’ve got the circuit I’ve got the breaker turned off. But it’s still with my tester shows that there’s power going to it. And I don’t really want to work on it. It shows power.

Dr. Electric 21:03
Are you sure you have the right breaker?

Caller 21:08
Yes, sir, I have I have a lamp plugged into it just to be able to test it. And when I shut that breaker off, it shuts the lamp off. But then when I go put my little beeper up to the socket, I mean, the plug outlet, it beeps and shows that there’s power.

Dr. Electric 21:23
Okay, so you’re using a little hot stick, you’re saying that little little light up little stick there, you just sit next to it, you’re getting a back feed, then what it is, is the back feed will fake that tests are out. And that means there’s something else on a circuit like that one neutral probably have another circuit tied to it. So I’ll tell you is pull your main just shut your main off for a minute. And that light should go out because you want no power. But it sounds like you’re just getting the backseat because if you show if you got the lamp on and you shut the breaker off and a lamp goes out, the only thing that you’re getting power now is a backseat. So just shut up, shut your main off and you ain’t got to worry about it, then you could troubleshoot.

Dr. Friday 21:58
If he shuts the main off, how can you see what he’s doing? Because you’ve just turned off all the power to the house?

Dr. Electric 22:05
Because like it’s not to say they have flashlights like they didn’t have in Australia.

Caller 22:11
I have a piggyback off that if it’s okay. So I don’t know 100% know how to shut the main off on this panel. Because it just looks like you like a big handle that you just.

Dr. Electric 22:27
Yeah, okay, you have. It’s a pullout fuse meaning like you you grab that handle, and you just pull it out and that whole piece will pull out in the middle. It’s just like it’s not dangerous. I mean, you don’t have to shut the man up, just shut all the breakers off, then leave, leave the main air conditioner all your breakers off. But it’s a pull out mains, that big handle is your main like, if you ever, if you ever lose power, say a storm or something, your fuse is behind that big pull out me. So you’ll you’ll have to replace one of those if you ever lose power, but you can just leave the main engine shut all the breakers off. I’m just trying to get you where you don’t see that little light and you feel safe doing that thing.

Caller 23:04
That’s my biggest thing is I feel unsafe I can I can cut wires and plug wires. So the real reason I’m doing all this is I have an entire wall of outlets out. But I have it says that I have power going to them. And the one I was telling you have the lamp plug into is the last one working. But all the ones after it don’t work.

Dr. Electric 23:25
Your white wire is off somewhere you lost the neutrals what it is and then you’re getting a backseat meaning the hots good. But the neutral or ground for your sake is loose somewhere off. And that’s why you’re seeing it It needs a place to go. And that’s why your testers are that. It’s a common problem. We see it in other homes. So it just takes a little I believe the worst problem to fix though it’s it’s like simple to find, but hard to trace it down because you got to do a lot of stuff to trace it. But for us what I would tell you do just shut all your breakers off. And then you know you’re in the dark and fix it. Yeah, your flashlight.

Dr. Friday 24:02
Yes, we do have this. Find the white wire.

Dr. Electric 24:13
Easy to troubleshoot that if you can’t do it.

Dr. Friday 24:16
All right. Yeah, give Joe a coffee can’t fix it, Joshua, because he’s done this a million times. Seriously.

Dr. Friday 24:21
All right, we’ve got to hit the Gail is a winner. Let’s hit line two and hear what the answer is. Gail, what is the answer to my question when I say what was the child tax credit in 21? And what was the child tax credit in 22? Or the difference? Whichever way you want to answer that?

Caller 24:40
Children over six it was 3,000 in 21 and we went back to 2,000 in 2022.

Dr. Friday 24:47
See? Someone else that understands tax law and that’s an important one for people to know because when you’re calculating and estimating your taxes, you just lost the $1,000 per child over the age of six Gail If you are a winner and you’re going to get a $50 Olive Garden/ Longhorn Steakhouse. You got a girl. Thank you for calling and answering that question.

Dr. Friday 25:14
When we come back guys we’re gonna go ahead and we’ll take another $100 Walmart This is from Dr. Electric he spends more more than me $100 Walmart card just for color one when we get back from the next break we’re gonna take a quick break on the Dr. Friday show and adjacent if you hold through we’ll get you on the next call through. This is the Dr. Friday and Dr. Electric Christmas show. We’ll be right back.

Dr. Friday 25:51
All righty. We are back live here in studio for our Christmas special with Dr. Electric and Dr. Friday merging and let’s go ahead and hit our winner and then we’ll hit Jason. Winner winner, pumpkin eater. We got Billy that one a $100 Walmart card. Hey, Billy.

Caller 26:12
Hey, Dr. Friday. Tell Joe it’s little electric up here and he’ll know who I am.

Dr. Friday 26:20
Joe, little electric just was a Winner. Winner winner.

Caller 26:24
$50 Walmart, we took that one back.

Dr. Friday 26:28
$100. You’re the one that brought it tickets, buddy. But thank you for listening. I truly appreciate it. Thank you, Merry Christmas.

Dr. Friday 26:37
He’s retired now. All right, let’s say Jason real quick. And while we’re talking to Jason, for everyone that’s listening. We’ve got a $50 Lowe’s card for caller number whatever. Give me a winner for the $50 Lowe’s card. Jason, thank you for holding. What can we do for you?

Caller 26:59
All right, I’ve got a good more, I guess. Good afternoon, Dr. Friday. Sure. So I’ve got two questions. The first one is about a vehicle ride off that’s used 100% for business purposes. Is this a big?

Dr. Friday 27:15
Is this a large truck or a larger 6000 pound vehicle? Or is this a regular vehicle sedan regular car?

Caller 27:19
Yeah, this is like a F-250. And we’ll weigh over 6000 pounds. And my question is, do I am I able to ride off the full expense the full cost of that in one year? Or do I Is it better to depreciate it I get a couple of different views on different opinions.

Dr. Friday 27:47
There’s there’s one it’s called instant gratification. That’s a section 179 and you can take 100% of a business vehicle that is over 6000 pounds. So you know depending on your scenario, most of the time, we will take the section 179 In the first year and then this is called actual tax words. So means you’ll take your petro, your oil changes, any repairs and maintenance every year from that point on against that vehicle. So even though you’ve taken the cost of the vehicle, the maintenance of the vehicle will still be rolled off every year. Okay. The first year you’ll get both.

Dr. Friday 27:47
Okay. All right. So that that, like if I go out and spend 70,000 on a F-150 I can go or F-250. I can write off. I can write all that off my taxes.

Dr. Friday 28:39
Yes, as long as it’s 100% use for business. That’s the key words there. 100% news for business if it is your only vehicle you own. And even though I know a lot of self employed people say, “All I do is work.” It’s not going to fly you have to own more than one vehicle one vehicle has to be used for personal and then your F-250 would be a business vehicle and you use it and it’s legitimate.

Caller 29:02
Okay, all right. Now my second question is, if I have a work van, it’s 100% for work, you leave work at nine driving all over town, do your thing come back and you’re done at five as far as your mileage log, what did what does the IRS want to see with a mileage log? Or is that?

Dr. Friday 29:29
For mileage, you have to have the starting miles of the day. You have to have where you went the purpose of that visit and then your Indy miles. That’s what they want to see on a mileage log. They want to know when where and why. When did you go Why did you do it? And you know, the whole purpose. Now, if you’re a contractor or someone that’s easy to explain, I was like Joe, I mean, you know, he was obviously doing electrical work or he was doing a bit or whatever. You know what be simple to identify what the reason was. But if he if he was using actual he would have to track every start and stop, I would suggest something like mileage IQ or something. If you have a vehicle that you’re using miles on in a business, so that way, you actually have a log of every time that business start and stopped.

Caller 30:19
Okay, because I have multiple stops, I may have, you know, 10 stops in a day. So do I have to log each stop?

Dr. Friday 30:28
If you ever get audited, yes, each stop should be logged.

Caller 30:35
A lot of work.

Dr. Friday 30:36
I know, trust me, that’s why you want mileage IQ or something, because it will automatically log in, then you can just go in there and put business personal. Or you can fill in who you saw. Or if you have a route, you might be the same people every Monday I see at this hour, you know, whatever, depending on your situation.

Caller 30:52
Okay, all right. All right. Great. Well, thank you. Now back that first question real quick, what in your opinion, is the best way to do it.

Dr. Friday 31:02
I do it all at one time, because likeliness is if you’ve got a business vehicle, we’re probably going to end up doing a recapture in two to three years, depending on how many miles you put on, if we don’t great. And again, I say that in general, because I don’t know you. And it may be that your income is less than the vehicle and we put you in a big loss.

Dr. Friday 31:19
So you have a loss carry forward that will roll forward to the next year, we may not take a full we can take a partial section 179 And then do a five year depreciation for the rest of it. It’s not all or nothing. It’s usually a matter of when we’re working on the taxes, what’s going to keep you in the best. We want to maximize 12% tax bracket I don’t want to ever take my clients below that preferably because, you know, why not get the lowest tax bracket and pay taxes now versus later be zero and you out the 12%?

Dr. Friday 31:46
Then you pay 25 next year, because you had you know, because you don’t have the right off? I would definitely say it’s it’s not a simple answer. If you’re really looking at what’s going to maximize your taxes, it’d be better to to go talk to someone like myself or whatever, just to get a feel for what’s the best. What’s going to put you in the best tax picture.

Caller 32:05
Okay. All right. Well, thank you.

Dr. Friday 32:08
No problem. Thanks mate. All right. Let’s go to Winner winner number five. I think I know who this is actually. Susan. Winner winner.

Caller 32:16
Oh, yes. Thank you.

Dr. Friday 32:20
Are you my Susan?

Caller 32:21
Yes, I am.

Dr. Friday 32:23
I kno tThat name. So like maybe mine. But you know, then again, there could be more than one of you in the world. And then I’m like, I don’t want to act like it isn’t. All right. Well, thank you for listening. Have a Merry Christmas and you are a winner of a $50 Lowe’s card.

Caller 32:38
That’s great, Merry Christmas to you. I can use that. And we’re redoing some of our bathroom, so that will help.

Dr. Friday 32:43
that where you go always great for home improvements. You have to love Joe. He thinks of those things. I think more food he thinks more of the practical stuff. So he definitely came up with that one. But again, thanks for listening and Merry Christmas.

Caller 32:57
Merry Christmas to you and your family. Bye bye.

Dr. Friday 32:59
Bye. Bye. All right, Joe, what are you doing for Christmas this year, Joe?

Dr. Electric 33:05
I’m not sure Laura’s in Florida for the last 10 days. I’m just coming back from a hunting trip. So I’m sure we’re gonna sit home. And don’t forget to pick up the other half of the deer to give away to

Dr. Friday 33:14
okay, I had it down but then I wasn’t sure if I misunderstood. So I didn’t want to give away more deer than you actually had. So we’ll do that. Why don’t we come back? Go ahead. Go ahead, Joe. Joe, you were gonna say something?

Dr. Electric 33:29
Yeah, so one deer has two halves.

Dr. Friday 33:33
I know that makes sense to you. But for some of us, you know, we go to a meat market we pick out a rump roast or we pick out you know, steak or whatever. We don’t think about half of an animal and another half of the animal it’s just not something that’s natural. Alright, we’re gonna go to our third break and we’ll be coming back in the last part of the show. So while we go through this break live videos you can find us a winner of another half of a deer so callers listen up if you want some deer meat now’s the time to call right Joe.

Caller 34:07
Okay, we’re gonna get it’s a half a deer I guess my will be the right side because I think you already gave away the left side I’m totally joking people I don’t even know if that even cuts up that way so. We’ll be right back with the Dr. Friday and a Dr. Electric Christmas show.

Dr. Friday 34:36
All righty, we are back and we are going to be shooting out the rewards because this is it we have like I don’t know eight minutes or less to really do it. So first let’s get Sue on and thank her for winning the half of the dear, Sue. Thank you for calling in Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Caller 34:55
Thank you so much.

Dr. Friday 34:57
No problem Joe’s gonna get with you and you guys will meet up and he’ll make sure you have enough freezer space for all that free deer meat.

Caller 35:04
I may have to buy another one.

Dr. Friday 35:07
If that’s all right, Joel. I like that he’ll keep it stocked up. Maybe next year, you can win again. Who knows? But thank you so much. Merru Christmas. Thank you.

Caller 35:16
Merry Christmas, everybody.

Dr. Friday 35:18
Thank you. Okay, next caller is going to get a $50 Olive Garden. The next caller is going to get a $50 Olive Garden. The following caller is going to have to answer a question. When I say the wallet friendly guy, they have to tell me who I’m talking about. They’re going to get a $50 Kohl’s card. $50 for who is the wallet friendly guy. All right. So the video so I’ll leave those to you get those up and going. So Joe, you know what I’m doing for Christmas? Africa.

Dr. Electric 35:58
You should have called me before you made a trip my buddy. I was like 80,000 acres, they could put you in there.

Dr. Friday 36:04
Cool. That would have been something different. But you know, at the time, we’re gonna be in more than one place. Does he do the safari things? I figured he probably did.

Dr. Electric 36:15
You always travel on Christmas.

Dr. Friday 36:17
I do. Well, you know, it’s it’s always easier like to grab the grandkids because if you have kids, well, you know you have kids, but when they’re in school, the only time you really can grab those and I don’t have grandchildren, my sister does is that you have to deal with during the holidays. And so Christmas is one of the longest holiday breaks you get besides summertime. So that’s why I travel. I just like to grab them, take them from their parents and enjoy myself.

Caller 36:42
You know, I was gonna give away a hover. I was gonna give away a hovercraft ride but I really don’t know how to drive it so I decided not to.

Dr. Friday 36:50
I was gonna ask you not on the radio, but I was like, Okay, tell me when it’s up and running because I have to come. I will have to try it. I will be down there. Just have to know when.

Dr. Electric 36:59
on my trailer. Wait for me to start it go.

Dr. Friday 37:02
Okay. All right. Well, let’s figure it out. All right. So I know love it is you’re just clicking away there. But let’s go ahead. Is it Jimmy Moore or Jim Moore? I’m not too sure which is a Jimmy or Jim. Jimmy, Jimmy. You are the winner of an olive garden. Jimmy. All right. I hope you guys I hope this helps you make your Christmas a little bit more enjoyable. Nothing else. Maybe take someone out to dinner.

Caller 37:30
Well, thank you so much.

Dr. Friday 37:33
Merry Christmas from both Dr. Electric and Dr. Friday.

Caller 37:37
Well, thank you. That’s all right. Appreciate you.

Dr. Friday 37:40
No problem. Let’s go to caller number five. And when caller number five comes on, go ahead and grab us another winner for a $30 mixed card and I’ll explain what that is when they get on a $30 mixed card. Let’s go to Milton. I know this boy.

Caller 37:56
Yes, you do. Dr. Friday. How are you?

Dr. Friday 37:59
Good and how’s your beautiful wife?

Caller 38:01
Oh, she’s doing well. She’s out shopping now. So I’m scared to death.

Dr. Friday 38:06
When I say to you, who is the wallet friendly guy? What would your answer be?

Caller 38:13
It’s the one and only Dr. Electric.

Dr. Friday 38:15
I knew you would know that answer. I figured I’d come up with something that wasn’t too scary. Milton, you have now a $50 Kohl’s card that you now can give to your beautiful wife to go spend.

Caller 38:27
Okay, great. Maybe that’ll put a dent in my wallet. I’m glad to hear that.

Dr. Friday 38:32
You go my friend. Merry Christmas. And hope to see you next year.

Caller 38:35
Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and your family was well.

Dr. Friday 38:38
You got it. All right. Thank you. Hold on. Don’t leave make sure the videos get your guys’s information because I’m throwing a lot at this boy as we go. So we’re gonna do another $50 Olive Garden. And hey, Joe, if I were to ask a question that says something like do you have to change your fuse box no matter the age of your house? Does that make sense?

Dr. Electric 39:04
No, you don’t have to.

Dr. Friday 39:05
If you’ve got a 1980s house and you got an old fuse box by law do you have to change that fuse box? Don’t answer the question is that question that has a yes or no answer though right?

Dr. Electric 39:16
Yeah, we don’t answer I just did. You don’t have to change it.

Dr. Friday 39:21
I can’t ask the question and give a free gift card away if you’re answering that’s trying to get the question out there before I could ask you because I didn’t want to ask it wrong. Oh, you know what?

Caller 39:37
Is your sister there with you?

Dr. Friday 39:38
You know she isn’t unfortunately I’m winging this all by myself. Question next caller saying card the $50 Olive Garden card the next card I think I have one left. I don’t think I’ve given this one away. But anyways, here’s the question we asked him before. If you were too old. going up a wire. It’s the you know, the white wires or the yellow wires that’s in your house and it’s a regular wire. I don’t know if there’s a gauge.

Caller 40:09
If you open up the rollbacks is what you’re trying to say.

Dr. Friday 40:11
Rollback. Okay, what color are two of the colors of the wires inside? Okay, and the next call that can answer that question. I know I’m making this more challenging for good old videos, but he’s up to it. So I’m looking for two colors that are inside that wire. And I think that’s an easy question. But then again, maybe I’ve answered and we already gave the answer if you were listening earlier in the show, so that you can even easier so we’ve got a winner for the mixed card.

Dr. Friday 40:40
So if you want to click Stephanie. Cool, look at you multitasking. Hey, Stephanie. Winner, winner. All right. This is a mixed cart. So you can go to carnivals ice cream Mo’s Auntie Anne’s or cinnabar Cinnabon for $30.

Dr. Friday 40:57
Awesome yet all kinds of different places to go as if we need more of that during the holidays. But I will tell you I do love the ice cream and the Cinnabon I’m not a big anti ads but nothing gets the brand, just not a pretzel person. So there you go. But you’ll get that stay on the line. So Lavinia surfy make sure he gets your information. And Merry Christmas.

Caller 41:18
Thank you. Merry Christmas.

Dr. Friday 41:20
Okay, let’s see where we’re at. Joe, I think I’m getting close to the final end of the…I’ve still got two more things to give away, I think but so you are planning to the GS kill this year that we’re going to be giving away? Are you not deer hunting?

Dr. Electric 41:36
No, actually, I’m bringing it to the processor now.

Dr. Friday 41:43
The neck Canyon that’s perfect. I didn’t know what season was when when the deer hunter. Alright, so we have Nathan. I think you were the one I had the question for, right?

Caller 42:00
I guess so.

Dr. Friday 42:01
Okay, so the question was, what color wires are inside, like a 12 gauge wire you run in your house?

Caller 42:08
Black and white?

Dr. Friday 42:09
There you go. Winner winner. See I thought that was a fairly simple one. But the last person said reading green, I think he had Christmas on his mind. Perfect, Nathan, that is the answer we wanted to hear. That was perfect. So stay on the line. And I think we are yes, you are going back and forth in crazy.

Dr. Friday 42:33
All right, we’re just gonna have one more giveaway. That’s it. Just one more all we have left on my list. At least, If I’m wrong. Well, it’s all you’re gonna have. I have a $50 Olive Garden/Longhorn just pick a winner. We only have about a minute and a half or so. So feel free to throw that last one on. And then Joe and I have had I know you think this is about 13-14 years.

Dr. Electric 42:58
Yeah, that’s a shame to that guy. Just screw up another $1,000 Because remember that golden prize was white is black, white and bear the ground. He left it out.

Dr. Friday 43:06
I did. Two colors. Nobody asked for two colors. The reason I did that

Dr. Electric 43:13
He said what colors?

Dr. Friday 43:15
No, I said two other colors. I personally said that because I didn’t know what color you would consider the last one myself. And I didn’t know called copper or something. But I didn’t know.

Dr. Electric 43:27
You’re the one who knew you. The wallet friendly questions.

Dr. Friday 43:39
Right. So all we had left was Bob would be the $50. And don’t worry about that last mixed card. So that should be the last one. And we are down to the last 30 seconds or so. So Joe, why don’t you tell them how they can contact you? What’s your phone number.

Caller 43:54
615-504-0825 after Christmas.

Dr. Friday 43:57
All right, you can reach Dr. Friday by going to drfriday.com. Or you can email Friday@dr. friday.com or you can pick up the phone Monday morning 615-367-0819. I hope that you guys all seriously have a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy the holidays and all that it brings and hopefully a wonderful New Years. And as we always say at least in Australia I’m not too sure what the southern slang to this would be but call you later.