Maximizing Tax Deductions for Teachers: A $300 Boost

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Maximizing Tax Deductions for Teachers: A $300 Boost

In this insightful episode, Dr. Friday extends a heartfelt appreciation to teachers, emphasizing their invaluable role in shaping futures. Highlighting a significant update for educators, she discusses the increased tax deduction for classroom supplies, which rose from $250 to $300 in 2022. This vital tax tip is specifically for qualified teachers, clarifying that homeschoolers and au pairs are not eligible for this benefit. Dr. Friday underscores the importance of this deduction as a small token of recognition for teachers’ dedication and commitment. Tune into the Dr. Friday call-in show every Saturday from 2 to 3 PM on 99.7 WTN for more tax tips and financial advice.


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And this is for all my teachers. A, thank you for being a teacher because without them, let’s be honest, none of us would be who we are today. And you wanting to work as a teacher, I think is a way above the call of duty, not very good at teaching as you guys have probably figured out listening to my radio show every Saturday from 2 to 3. That being said, we know in 2022 they moved your whopping $250 up to $300 for classroom supplies. Again, this year you will get that $300. This is for anyone that is a qualified teacher, not a homeschooler, not someone that’s just sitting in as an au pair, but an actual teacher. You can take $300 on your tax return.

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