Can Both Spouses Claim a Child as Dependent? Dr. Friday Explains!

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Dr. Friday Tax Tips
Can Both Spouses Claim a Child as Dependent? Dr. Friday Explains!

In this one-minute moment, Dr. Friday addresses a common tax query: Can both spouses, when filing separately, claim their son as a dependent? Dive into the intricacies of tax laws and discover the IRS’s stance on this matter. Plus, learn how to ensure you’re making the right choice with the help of a tax expert.


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The question is my spouse and I are filing married filing separately we both contribute to support our son can we both claim him as a dependent on our separate returns? Again a great question but I don’t know how we’re gonna split a child so it doesn’t quite work that way. You’re going to have to be whoever gave more support. If the child, since you’re married, filing separately, it may just come down to the law says whoever has the highest income is supposed to claim them because the IRS doesn’t want you to take the most benefit from the higher versus the lower. But you need to make sure you have a tax expert help you with that and you can do that by calling me at 615-367-0819.

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