Can I Claim ‘Head of Household’ If Married Filing Separately?

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Can I Claim 'Head of Household' If Married Filing Separately?

In this one-minute moment, Dr. Friday addresses a common question she receives: Can a married individual filing taxes separately claim ‘head of household’ status with their child? Dive in to discover the answer and understand the implications of making this choice. Remember, it’s not about which status gives the most return, but about doing it right.


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This is a question believe it or not that I am asked oh goodness probably ten times a month at least I am married but my husband and I file separately so can I claim head of household with our child and the answer is always no if you think because I know When you’re in the software and you click, oh wait, if I click head of household, I’m getting such a large return, where if I’m filing, Mary filing separately, I’m not getting nearly the refund. This isn’t a game where it’s which one gives you the most. You have to do it properly. We have had more than one of those overturned and penalties and interest are pretty steep when you make those mistakes. If you need help, check us out on the web at

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