How Are You Formatting Your Income?

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Dr. Friday Tax Tips
How Are You Formatting Your Income?

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Good day. I’m Dr. Friday, president of Dr. Friday Tax and Financial Firm. To get more info go to This is a one minute moment.

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Tax changes that came into effect in December 2017 are limited for individuals. So keep in mind, if these tax changes are helping you, which for most of us, there are some advantages for not paying as much in taxes. You might want to reconsider how or what you’re doing when it comes to the way you’re formatting your income. You’ve only got until 2025 and those tax deductions are going to change. So instead of paying 12%, you’ll be back up to 15%. Instead of paying 22% you’re gonna be back up to 25 and so on. So it’s important to understand we’ve got a short window here to maybe maximize some tax savings and help you put more money in your pocket. Call me at 615-367-0819.

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