The 2106 Change: What Employees Need to Know About Deductions

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The 2106 Change: What Employees Need to Know About Deductions

In this episode, Dr. Friday delves into the significant tax changes that took place in 2017, particularly the elimination of the 2106 form in 2018. She highlights a common misconception among W-2 employees about creating their own Schedule C’s to claim deductions. Dr. Friday emphasizes the importance of understanding the distinction between being an employee and being self-employed when it comes to tax deductions. If you’re an employee with questions about deductions or if you’re unsure about your tax status, this episode is a must-listen.


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Up until the year of 2017 we had a big change in all taxes and people basically lost what was called the 2106 come 2018. And that was where employees, if you receive a W-2 and I can’t tell you how many tax returns I’ve seen where employees have created their own schedule C’s to deduct what they thought was a legitimate expense. But you’re not self-employed people so if you’re an employee and you have deductions they are not a tax deduction on your tax return. Only if you receive a 1099 and only the expenses tied to that 1099. You need help call me 615-367-0819.

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