Claiming Relatives as Dependents: Can You Do It?

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Dr. Friday Tax Tips
Claiming Relatives as Dependents: Can You Do It?

In this episode of Dr. Friday Tax Tips – One Minute Moment, Dr. Friday delves into a common query: Can you claim a relative and their child as dependents if you’ve provided for them throughout the year? Discover the criteria to determine eligibility and ensure you’re on the right side of the tax law. Plus, learn about the importance of the taxpayers’ test and other essential steps to protect yourself.


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This is a pretty typical situation where it says my spouse and I have provided a home for my niece and her son for the past seven months she has no income and we provided all her support during the year can I claim her and her son as a dependent so the first thing we have to find us either your qualifying child or relative they would meet that are they US citizens in this case they are unmarried and if married not filing a joint return she’s not married in addition you want to make sure that you have the taxpayers test as far as income in this case these people would be able to claim them but you want to make sure you go through those steps to protect yourself if you need help 615-367-0819.

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