Your ITIN Number Might Be Expiring This Year

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Dr. Friday Tax Tips
Your ITIN Number Might Be Expiring This Year

Dr. Friday
Good day! I’m Dr. Friday, president of Dr. Friday Tax and Financial Firm. To get more info go to This is a one minute moment.

Nearly 2 million ITIN numbers will be expiring by the end of 2019. For all of you that aren’t sure, that’s an individual tax ID number. Many of my clients have those because I don’t like my clients using their social security number if they have a small business. Every time you fill out a W9 or you have something that has to go out, I’d much rather have an EIN number on it. But if you haven’t used it in a while, (couple years) or it ends with 83, 84, 85, 86, or 87, you need to make sure it’s in good standing.

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