Do You Need Help Filing Your Taxes?

Dr Friday Tax Tips - One Minute Moment
Dr. Friday Tax Tips
Do You Need Help Filing Your Taxes?

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Good day. I’m Dr. Friday, President of Dr. Friday’s Tax and Financial firm. To get more info go to This is a one-minute moment.

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If you need help with taxes, maybe you’re filing your own, and you’re like, “I don’t know how to do this. I’m confused. Do I need to file married filing separately? Do I need to marry and file jointly? Am I actually even married because my husband and I have lived apart for over a year? What does that mean? How can that help you, and what’s the legal way? What is the IRS say is the proper way of filing that information?” If you need help with those kinds of questions, or you’re not sure which way to go, that’s what we’re here for guys. We’re here to help you. Make sure because you must really file the taxes correctly the first time. If you need help, check us out on the web at

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