What Determines If You Can Claim Someone As a Dependent?

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What Determines If You Can Claim Someone As a Dependent?

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Good day. I’m Dr. Friday, President of Dr. Friday’s Tax and Financial firm. To get more info go to www.drfriday.com. This is a one-minute moment.

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Many times people ask me about dependents, and they’re like, “Well, can my mother be my dependent? Can my older sibling that I’ve taken care of or my older child that has moved back in a house that is not working? Is that a dependent?” And the answer is, in most cases, yes. There is a set of rules we have to follow. The biggest thing is how long have they lived with you. And are you providing more than 50% of their care? Those are important questions. But hey, if someone’s living in your house, eating your food, putting gas in their car for them, or maybe even making their car payment, you’re probably giving them more than 50% of their care. So look at your taxes and see if you might have missed an exemption.

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